Crazy Tesla Stories

3 months ago
Want to know how to turn your passion for your fav products into a booming social media account? EV enthusiast Omar Qazi reveals how his fascination with Tesla and the auto industry fueled the creation of one of the most established and informative Tesla fan pages on Twitter.

On this week’s pod episode, I welcome frequent Twitter Spaces speaker, Omar Qazi (aka @wholemarsblog) to chat. He may refer to his account as “part EV news channel, part sh*tty stand-up comedy routine,” but you really can count on him for the best info into the world of technology, EVs, Tesla, and Elon Musk. Starting professionally in software development, Omar got the experience and desire to develop a start-up after working closely on app development with his dad and professor. He said his deep appreciation for start-ups translates into his admiration for Elon Musk and what Tesla is doing in the EV space. Omar began his Twitter account after recognizing that while a lot of name brands share low-quality info with customers – Tesla was breaking the mold as a leader in a rapidly developing world of electric vehicles. Tesla not only offered a great product but was doing something innovative and technologically advanced that even customers weren’t prepared for. After Omar went online to praise his Tesla vehicle purchase, not only were trolls attacking him, but one crazy stalker story crossed his path with the legend himself - Elon Musk. Okay maybe they’re not at best friend status yet, but emailing back and forth is a lot closer than any other Tesla customer gets to the CEO. So definitely join us on this episode of the pod, as Omar and I discuss his background, the EV market, the evolution of Tesla, his relationship with Elon Musk, Tesla haters, his Twitter account, and the power of digital media and the internet.




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