This Asian City is Home to the World’s First Fusion Food | City Bites Macau Edition Ep1

3 months ago
Do you think fusion food is just something new and flashy? Macanese cuisine, the world’s first fusion food, actually has a history dating back to the 16th century. You can find it in the city of Macau, which was a Portuguese trading post for 400 years. Most classic dishes emerged out of Chinese-Portuguese families’ home cooking. From restaurants dedicated to Macanese food to the local version of Cantonese diners, let’s go on a food crawl to learn more about this sophisticated cuisine with a fascinating history.

0:00 What is Macanese cuisine?
2:04 A classic meal in a Macanese household
4:34 Blending into Cha Chaan Teng menus
6:37 Long-lost family recipes
8:24 Sharing a mother’s legacy
9:16 Producer’s thoughts

Restaurant address:
Belos Tempos (老地方)
10 Rua da Felicidade, Macau, Macau
**Customers need to book in advance if they want to order dishes not on the menu.**

Wengo Coffee & Food (文哥咖啡美食)
G/F, 31Travessa Lou Fu, Vila de Taipa

This City Bites edition is supported by the Macao Government Tourism Office.

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Producer: Yoyo Chow
Videographer: Wayne Hon, César del Giudice
Editor and Mastering: César del Giudice
Narration: Dai Qian
Animation: Stella Yoo

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