Video Games in Web3

3 months ago
Who better to talk about the world of Web3, gaming, and beyond than the person behind what Elon Musk fondly refers to as his burner account?

That’s right – we’ve got @BoredElonMusk on the pod this week! And while his bio may say “Fortune Favors the Bored,” he was anything but boring on this podcast! @BoredElonMusk has built a Twitter following of over 1.7 million since starting his account over nine years ago. You can typically find this hyper-parody account on your timeline talking about gaming, web3, things he wishes were invented, and, of course, Elon Musk. @BoredElonMusk is also a great example of how to take your account growth to the next level. He has taken what he’s passionate about and turned his regular monetization efforts into full-blown businesses -- like his company Bored Box, which helps gamers own high-quality in-game digital assets. While his account is anonymous, it’s easy to tell @BoredElonMusk is an intelligent, driven, funny, and passionate guy who cares about what he does. In this episode, we chat about his personal background, having an online persona, growing and monetizing content, getting shoutouts from Elon, privacy, gaming, web3, and more!