Wales headlines 10 November: Welsh Labour MP calls 20mph ‘bonkers’, North Wales Police ‘inadequate’ at tackling organised crime, two-hour detour means some children miss school

  • 7 months ago
A Welsh Labour member of parliament has called the Welsh Labour government’s 20 miles per hour change ‘bonkers’. Talking on question time, Rhondda MP Chris Bryant called for a full review into the issue, and said it was too difficult for carers and buses to get around. The Welsh government say the policy will save lives.

North Wales police has been found to be ‘inadequate’ at tackling organised crime, according to a report. The report also found some staff members didn’t realise tackling organised crime was a priority, and the force generally lacked the resources to be effective in combating the issue.

A road closure in mid Wales led drivers on an over two hour detour after a wall on the side of the road fell over. The original journey was only 5 miles, but took drivers over 40 miles out of their way, with some school children unable to go to school. Traffic Wales said the diversion was long because it needed to be along safe roads.