Why China's young people are quitting their jobs and throwing 'resignation parties'

  • 8 months ago
Why China's young people are quitting their jobs and throwing 'resignation parties'
In China, young people are celebrating quitting their jobs with "resignation parties."
At these parties, friends gather to congratulate the person who quit by beating gongs and drums.
They pin flowers on the quitter's chest under a banner that reads: "We're done with this bullsh*t job!"
The party atmosphere is reminiscent of traditional wedding celebrations, with lanterns, banners, and abundant food.
It may seem strange to celebrate leaving a stable job, but many young people are finding happiness after quitting.
Liang, a former banker, said he became happier and more fulfilled after leaving his repetitive and stifling job.
He is not alone - hundreds of posts about resignation parties have spread on Chinese social media this year.
The trend of quitting is driven by various reasons, including low wages and burnout.
Many young people in China have grown up in a high-pressure system, competing academically and climbing the corporate ladder.
But they often find little satisfaction in their jobs and feel disillusioned.
Experts warn that this trend could exacerbate China's economic challenges, as a falling birthrate and shrinking workforce spell trouble for future growth.
The mismatch between people's education levels and the available jobs is also a contributing factor.
Many employees are overqualified for their positions, leading to low levels of satisfaction and fulfillment.
The resignation trend could have long-term consequences for China's economy.
With a declining fertility rate and an aging population, there will be fewer workers to support the elderly in the future.
While some young adults may have more time to focus on relationships and starting families after quitting, others may delay these milestones due to income loss and depressed emotions.
The future impact on fertility rates is still uncertain, but any further decline is a serious concern for the country.
While the resignation trend is gaining momentum in China, it remains to be seen how long it will last.
For now, young people like Liang are enjoying their newfound freedom and pursuing alternative paths.
But as he acknowledges, the need to return to the workplace may arise in the future.
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