Wales headlines 13 September: Second home plans could lower house prices, Cardiff film studio sold, cost of living help form RCT

  • 8 months ago
Welsh government plans to curb second home ownership could mean house prices decrease in some areas, according to Gwynedd Council. Some estimations say that the price of houses in Gwynedd could drop by up to 5%. A public consultation on the plans is set to take place later on this week.

A film studio in Cardiff which made shows like Sherlock on the BBC and Havoc on Netflix has been sold to an American company for £10 million. The Welsh government previously owned the site, and have given the new owners a £6million grant, as they say it will be an investment for the area and film industry in Wales.

Rhondda Cynon Taff Council have said they will spend £4 million on cost of living help to people with school age children, lower paid council staff and those suffering financial hardships this year. There will be various funding schemes including a £125 one off payment for those with a child of compulsory school age.