“The PM thinks the Manipur issue is old, useless”, Supriya Shrinate on women safety| Modi| Amit Shah

  • 9 months ago
The most beautiful picture of Bharat Jodo Yatra was of Rahul Gandhi, with utmost gratitude, holding hands of the women of India, kissing their forehand and caress their head with love. This is a landmark change in the Indian political discourse. We’ve seen this same picture of Mahatma Gandhi laying his shoulders, one on Manu and one on Abha and gave a subtle message that the women of India are ahead of everyone. Truth can be spread very easily but to spread lies requires a lot of efforts. And that’s exactly how Rahul Gandhi behaves and looks into the eye of the ruling party and asks questions to them irrespective of losing his Lok Sabha membership. The video that surfaced on social media compelled the PM to speak on Manipur, be it only for 36 seconds. The biggest achievement of Narendra Modi is to set up a WhatsApp University and continuously spread fake news. You don’t have to shut your phone after reading the fake news. You may condemn them as well. Reply to them, who’ve shared the fake news. In 2012, the Nirbhaya Case took place. The Indian media shook the government and asked questions to them. Soniya Gandhi was constantly in touch of the victim’s family and also sent her to Singapore for her treatment. Rahul Gandhi bore the cost of the education of Nirbhaya’s brother and today he is a pilot. Contrary to this, look how the govt. has reacted on Manipur. The PM thinks these issues as old, useless and worn-out, as he said in the parliament also.

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