'HSMTMTS' Cast Talk LGBTQ+ Representation and Senior Quotes

7 months ago
We are not ready to say goodbye to our High School Musical, luckily, we still have one more season! Editor Caitlynn McDaniel sat down with the talented Frankie Rodriguez, Julia Lester, and Dara Renee to discuss all things Wildcats and their characters' growth and self-discoveries. Frankie shares his excitement about bringing LGBTQ representation to the franchise, while Julia reveals the deep development of her character Ashlyn. And don't miss the fashionable vibes between Dara and Frankie's characters! Want to know what their senior quotes would be? Check out the full interview to find out! And make sure to watch the first episode and find out why Caitlynn says she was already screaming in the first 10 minutes! Catch the full interview here and see season four of HSMTMTS on Disney+ on Aug. 9