7 Foods You Should Eat as You Get Older

  • last year
7 Foods You Should Eat
as You Get Older.
Getting older may not be fun,
but we can age gracefully by
making the right food choices.
Try eating more of these foods
as you grow older (and wiser).
1. Eggs, Eggs are a readily available source of protein,
which protects from muscle and bone loss.
2. Fatty fish, Salmon, tuna and sardines are a
great source of fatty acids and protein.
3. Citrus, These juicy fruits have anti-inflammatory and
anti-cancer properties, but eat some of the rind too!.
4. Spices, Cinnamon, turmeric and rosemary are all anti-inflammatory and support cognition.
5. Fermented dairy, Fermented milk and yogurt
will flood your gut with
good bacteria.
6. Cruciferous vegetables, Cabbage, kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts
support detoxification and joint health.
7. Oysters, Oysters offer a high dose of zinc,
which supports your immune system