World Economic Forum report predicts significant job disruption due to AI and digitization

  • last year
A report by the World Economic Forum predicts that nearly a quarter of all jobs will change due to AI, digitization, and other economic developments within the next five years. While the study expects AI to cause significant disruption to the labor market, the net impact of most technologies will be positive over the next five years as big data analytics, management technologies, and cybersecurity become the biggest drivers of employment growth. AI applications like ChatGPT will particularly impact clerical work and automate many roles that involve reasoning, communicating, and coordinating. Some 75% of surveyed companies expect to adopt AI technologies over the next five years, eliminating up to 26 million jobs in record-keeping and administrative positions. The report also suggests that opportunities for job creation will come from investments that facilitate the green transition of businesses, the broader application of ESG standards, and a broad reorientation of global supply chains.