Has Jaylen Brown Earned All-NBA? + Rudy Gobert Suspended for Fighting | Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Will Jaylen Brown make All-NBA & what do we make of his latest injury? Also, what's next for Rudy Gobert after hitting his teammate? And how will the Dallas Mavericks & Kyrie Irving bounce back from a disappointing regular season? Bob, Jeff & Gary weigh in.

0:47: Rudy Gobert suspended for fighting teammate Kyle Anderson

6:30: LeBron James & Lakers' chances of making a deep playoff run

8:38: Did Jeff anticipate Austin Reeves' success in the NBA?

10:40: Did the Mavericks intentionally tank at the end of the regular season?

15:55: Jaylen Brown's hand injury

17:32: The likelihood we see Jaylen Brown make All-NBA

23:07: Is there a better situation for Jaylen Brown than the Celtics?