McLuhan – Anomaly 1972 (USA, Progressive/Jazz Rock)

  • last year
An American team created from fellow students of the University of Illinois on the wreckage of the former Seven Seas group at the initiative of David Wright, who played any wind instruments and became the inspiration for this project. The idea was to try to combine and successfully apply various interesting techniques in performances: a crying child, various strange instruments, background noises. They even wanted to run old films on a slide projector - "Monster Bride", for example, was influenced by "Bride Of Frankenstein", and at the performances they played the film at the moment when the "20th Century Fox" theme was played. The performances were so good that they were able to sign a contract with Brunswick Records. The musicians existed as a group for only a year or a year and a half, and without having time to play at least one concert on their album,

01. The Monster Bride — 10:36
02. Spiders (In Neals Basement) — 5:58
03. Witches Theme And Dance — 9:47
04. A Brief Message From Your Local Media — 9:59 includes:
a) The Garden
b) The Assembly Line
c) Electric Man
d) Question

David Wright — trumpet, vocals, narrator, slide whistle
Paul Cohn — flute, clarinet, tenor sax
Neal Rosner — bass guitar, vocals
John Mahoney — drums (01, 02, 04), vocals
Michael Linn — drums (03)
Dennis Stoney Philips — guitar, vocals
Tom (Tojza) Laney — organ, piano, voice (screaming)
Bobby Christian — timpani (01), xylophone (01, 04), chimes (04)
Bruce Swedien – producer