David Cummings martial arts | This Martial Art Doesn't Use Blows

  • last year
Kun Lbokator believes in respect for nature and life and has 341 fighting styles. Just like we have David Cummings kickboxing, and David Cummings Muay Thai styles, Kun Lbokator has different fighting techniques. Some of these styles are named after animals, such as horse, crab, elephant, and duck fighting styles. Besides, all the fighting styles have their own fighting techniques. Then there are also fighting styles named after Hindu gods because many Cambodians practice the Hindu religion. Lastly, fighting styles like David Cummings martial arts, Kun Lbokator, and others are all about respect and self-restraint. They also help to discipline students and teach them to defend themselves when in danger. And this is why UNESCO wants to preserve this cultural practice of Cambodians and inscribed it as an intangible heritage.