This 30-Minute Plyo HIIT Workout Will Make You "Sweat, Glisten, and Feel Good"

  • 2 years ago
Get ready to sweat with trainer Jayen Wells, who will be leading this 30-minute HIIT workout joined by Poofy Moffitino and Jai Jordan. In this routine, you'll start with a quick warmup and then quickly increase the intensity with high-energy plyometric (aka jumping) exercises like squat taps, jumping jacks, lateral lunges, burpees, and lateral high knees.
Sound tough? Don't worry: Wells will be sure to guide you through a series of dynamic, mobility-boosting stretches both before and after this routine to make sure your body feels good doing these high-impact moves. Plus, Jordan will be doing modifications for every move, and you can follow along if you want to take it down a notch.
In all, this 30-minute plyometric HIIT challenge will make you - in Wells's words - "sweat, glisten, and feel good." Ready? All you need is a mat to get started.
Wells's outfit: Fabletics shirt and shorts // Shoes: APL
Moffitino's outfit: Athleta // Shoes: APL
Jordan's outfit: Uniqlo // Shoes: APL