Grab Your Family and Have Fun With This Festive 10-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

  • last year
Get excited to work out with fitness trainer Jayen Wells, who will be leading this 10-minute, full-body standing cardio routine. As a special treat for the holidays, he's joined by his mom, Fumiko Wells, and best friend, Yasmin Gelmo. This festive, family-friendly workout is suitable for all levels - beginners included - and completely bodyweight. Wells offers plenty of low-impact options and modifications, so you can tweak the routine to your and your family's needs. You'll start with a quick warmup, then move into exercises like sumo pulses, lateral lunges, hamstring curls, and more. Ready? Grab your family, and "sleigh" this workout.
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Jayen's outfit: Alo Yoga // Shoes: APL
Fumiko's pants: Carbon38 // Top: REI // Shoes: APL
Yasmin's outfit: Athleta // Shoes: