Ludacris & Gunna | Musicians on Musicians

  • 3 years ago
Though separated in age by a decade and a half, Ludacris and Gunna have a lot in common: They share the same Southside Atlanta stomping grounds (they attended the same high school), and both are uniquely charismatic figures in Atlanta’s rap scene; they even recently starred in a slightly absurd peanut butter commercial that played on their distinctly different flows — Gunna’s cool and subdued, Luda’s animated and brash. Today, they are spending a muggy afternoon being photographed across a sprawling, rustic compound in West Midtown. Ludacris’ treasured 1993 Acura Legend makes a cameo, his favorite in his array of vehicles. “I just asked [Gunna] what his favorite car out of his collection was, and he could not answer the question,” Ludacris teases as the two of them settle on a couch to be filmed. Gunna — the prince of Young Thug’s YSL Records, who broke into the mainstream just three years ago — is about as old as Luda’s Acura, and soaks up his elder’s experienced perspective on cars, acting, and service.