Mistakes To Avoid When Grilling

  • 3 years ago
According to Chef Andre Rush, an award-winning member of the U.S. Culinary Arts Team, people make all sorts of mistakes when grilling. Luckily, these mistakes are easy to fix.

1. Choose the Right Grilling Method. It’s important to know the difference between charcoal, gas, electric and pellet grills, as they all offer different levels of heat.

2. Don’t Open the Lid Too Much. Remember that your grill is like an oven. Every time you open the lid, heat escapes and the temperature drops.

3. Don’t Move Your Meat Too Early. Once you put your food on the grill, it’s best to leave it alone. Your food is ready once it “un-sticks” by itself from the grill.

4. Use a Food Thermometer. Although it may seem like your food is done, it’s unreliable to judge solely by visual cues. Undercooking your food can lead to food poisoning.

5. Don’t Make Cleanup Hard. Before cooking, coat your grill’s grate with grill spray or olive oil to avoid sticking. When finished, clean your grill with a brush while it’s still hot.