Marcus Smart Game 2 Postgame Interview | Celtics vs Nets

3 years ago
Marcus Smart was interviewed after the Celtics imploded against the Brooklyn Nets. “You know we’ll go home, get some good rest, see our families, see each other again tomorrow in the gym, look at the film, talk about what we need to change and adjust and we'll go from there, you know?” said Smart after the game. “They did their job tonight, they took care of home court, and now it’s our job, so it's over. We've got to move on to the next game.”

On Brooklyn’s fans and Boston having their fans return in games three and four, Smart said “They [Brooklyn] had their crowd tonight behind them, so it's going to feel real good for us to have ours...obviously, as we all know, the crowd is different especially around this time of the year and it definitely helps a lot. We've been without for a while, and it was going to feel real good to have those guys back in their chanting and giving us that extra energy.”

Smart gave his perspective on the team being in a 2-0 hole, saying that they’ve had “plenty of games where we've been down and we came's not new, unfortunately. We haven't been playing good all year but you know, we can't let that release sway how we come out and play this next I said they took care of home court but we're basketball players. We’re competitors, we practice, we work hard, we put in the work. So you just got to go out there and continue to believe and continue to do what we've been doing...just continue to stay positive, negativity isn't going to help us right now.”

On Jayson Tatum leaving the game with an eye injury after Durant poked him, Smart said “When we're struggling, and the best player goes out with an injury, it's tough. But he's in good spirits, we’re in good spirits, he's going to be okay. I don't think it's serious, but I don't think it is as serious as most people probably thought and which is good for us, good for him...I'm sure he'll be playing game three we'll get back right to it”