[Read] The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club: Power, Passion, and Politics in the Nation's Capital

  • 3 years ago
In this definitive and first-time portrait of the political and social life of Georgetown, bestselling biographer C. David Heymann chronicles the dinner parties, correspondence, intersections, and overlappings of some of the most powerful women behind American politics.Henry Kissinger pronounced that "the hand that mixes the Georgetown martini is time and again the hand that guides the destiny of the Western world." In this compelling book -- a heady mix of politics, sex, scandal, and power -- Heymann reveals the real moguls of Washington. "The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club," a term coined by Ronald Reagan, comprises a list of formidable and fascinating women, among them Katharine Graham, Lorraine Cooper, Evangeline Bruce, Pamela Harriman, and Sally Quinn.In a city characteristically and historically controlled by men, these women's social status and personal wealth (in addition to their courage, vision, and voracious ambition) afforded them an abundance of behind-the-scenes political clout. Through a combination of primary-source documents and personal interviews, Heymann offers intriguing and often startling insights into Washington life, from the latter days of the Truman administration to the advent of President George W. Bush. Filled with the history and lore of Georgetown itself, "The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club" is a riveting expose of the powers behind the throne, the women who made and make Washington tick.