Apple designs Covid-19 face masks for its employees

3 years ago
In order to give its employees a major sense of relief, Apple has decided to design its own face masks and the company will distribute it to its retail and corporate employees.
Most of the employees of Apple wear masks on the job as a precautionary measure against coronavirus, and as a result, Apple has decided to come up with its own masks, Mashable cited a Bloomberg report.
As per this report, Apple is providing two face masks to each of its employees. One mask is called "ClearMask" and it has been sourced from other companies. The other mask is known as "Apple Face Mask" has been created by Apple's Engineering and Industrial Design teams. This particular mask has up to three layers that filter incoming and outgoing particles, and it can be washed and reused up to five times," Mashable cited a Bloomberg report.
The company will now start sending Apple Face Masks to its employees over the next two weeks.