Share Market Guide for Beginners - NOW O NEVER |Basics-Episode 1| Share Market की सम्पूर्ण कुंजी

  • 4 years ago
Share Market Guide for Beginners - NOW O NEVER |Basics-Episode 1| Share Market की सम्पूर्ण कुंजी

In this video, we have touched every topic required to know to a beginner about the basics of the Share Market to start investing and to make regular passive income from the stock market. Explained importance to invest in Share Market, discussed myths in people's minds about the stock market. Also, explained how the Share Market works and how to buy and sell shares? We have explained what is the stock market and how to invest in the Share Market, what type of analysis is there, Market analysis, Fundamental analysis, Sentimental Analysis, and Technical Analysis. Here it is also explained about the Technical Analysis working tool “The Chart”.

Topics covered:

1. Explained the Stock Market in general.
2. Basics of the Stock Market
3. Why invest in the Stock Market?
4. What to do in the Stock Market?
5. How to invest in the Stock Market?
6. When to invest and divest in the Stock Market?
7. How NEWS affect the psychology of the Stock Market and how to analyze NEWS?
About This Channel

Channel VJ is an educational platform, where you will find Tutorial Videos on Finance and Economics. Channel VJ presents a series of Tutorial videos on technical analysis training. Through this channel beginners who wish to learn about the Stock Market, can start their journey in investing. These uploaded and upcoming videos are best and ultimate explaining videos on basics and basic knowledge of the share market for beginners in a very simple method, easy to understand and learn.

Watching these videos, new investors/ even people without any knowledge can learn technical analysis of the share market and earning extra income. People can earn passive income by making money in the Stock Market. Need a technical understanding which can guide you about the happenings of the share market. No problem if you don’t have a finance background or if you’ve never participated before. In these videos, you’ll understand what you need to do to make money in the stock market. You will get answers to all your questions like:

1. How to begin investing in the stock market?
2. How can you learn the basics of investing?
3. How to get the knowledge to be an Intelligent Investor?

Get answers to all your questions and much more, made for stock market beginners, and to learn to start investing in the stock market.

These videos are for educational purposes on stock market knowledge. Information provided in videos are based on the current information in the public domain and my knowledge, leaned over more than 15 years. People intended to start investing in the stock market should first get themselves educated under proper guidance.