S. Korean defense minister confirms N. Korean troop presence on Western border island

  • 5 years ago
정경두 장관 "함박도에 北 해안포는 배치되지 않아"

South Korea's defense minister Jeong Kyeong-doo confirmed... that North Korean troops have been deployed on the Western border island of Hambak,... but no coastal guns have been spotted.
Speaking at the parliamentary defense committee meeting on Wednesday, minister Jeong said... the South Korean military is closely monitoring the North Korean installations on the island.
When asked why Pyeongyang might have set up military facilities on an uninhabited island,... Jeong said they may be on the watch for possible North Korean defectors... and to monitor other military facilities near the maritime border.
In regards to whether Pyeongyang's installations in the area is a violation of the September 19 military agreement signed last year,... Jeong said the facilities have existed from 2017, before the military pact was signed.