Just Follow Along With Jillian Michaels to This 7-Minute Workout and Get Ready For Lean Abs

5 years ago
Jillian Michaels is coming at you with a third belly fat workout. The first circuit was all about lateral burpees and hollow holds, while the second workout kept you busy with planks and mountain climbers. This third belly fat workout is all about crunches and squats.
It comes from her new app, My Fitness by Jillian Michaels. Jillian explained that while it's impossible to spot-reduce fat from your belly specifically, what you need to do is reduce your overall body fat, and she dos this by combining HIIT intervals into strength and conditioning circuits. "There is no rest in between exercises so your heart rate stays up and time isn't wasted," she said. "These exercises incorporate multiple muscle groups," so you'll experience an all-over body burn!
Jillian Michaels Belly Fat Workout Circuit 3
Equipment needed: none
Directions: After warming up for five minutes, repeat this circuit workout twice. After you're finished, do this five-minute stretching routine.


High Knees
25 seconds

Standing Alternating Toe Tap Crunch
25 seconds

Standing Oblique Crunch (Left Leg)
25 seconds

Standing Oblique Crunch (Right Leg)
25 seconds

Alternating Cyclone Squats
25 seconds)

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High Knees

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