Jillian Michaels Designed This 7-Minute Video Workout to Get Lean and Blast Belly Fat

5 years ago
If you want to burn belly fat, unfortunately spot reducing isn't an option, Jillian Michaels told POPSUGAR. "Reducing overall body fat will help you decrease belly fat as well as a diet that is clean," Jillian said. It should be low in processed sugars, flours, and alcohol, and calorie-controlled to prevent overeating. To figure out your ideal calorie target and nutritional needs, we recommend speaking to a registered dietitian. She also said, "Keep sodium down to avoid water retention and drink water to flush out excess water weight."
Of course, you can also exercise to reduce your overall body fat. "You'll want to condition the muscles under the fat so when you lose that top layer, your tummy is toned," Jillian explained. She said to focus on functional exercises that work multiple muscle groups like push-ups, mountain climbers, planks, and lunges to burn calories and condition your core.
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Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging! Here's a belly fat circuit workout designed by Jillian that comes from her new app, My Fitness by Jillian Michaels. Jillian explained she combines HIIT intervals into strength and conditioning circuits. "There is no rest in between exercises so your heart rate stays up and time isn't wasted," she said. "These exercises incorporate multiple muscle groups and utilize bodyweight and free weight resistance training to maximize effici