Drunk Cop Arresting Drunk Driver (GTA V)

  • 5 years ago
Join officer Michael De Santa and myself in GTA V for what has to be the ultimate example of hypocrisy. We are roleplaying as a cop who is on the job while drunk, arresting a civilian who was driving drunk.

This was partially inspired by countless real-life incidents of real cops driving drunk both off duty and on duty, and partially by a real-life (former) local cop who had a habit of showing up for work drunk.
It was also inspired by a parody skit by comedian Jon Reep, where a mildly intoxicated driver was stopped by a much more intoxicated cop.

Even though this video was meant as satire, driving while intoxicated is a very dangerous and very stupid thing to do. Just yesterday, an off-duty Chicago cop chose to drive drunk, which was fatal for a lady seated in the restaurant that the drunk cop plowed into. It should go without saying (especially for law enforcement officers, who ought to know better), but if you're going to drink, make damn sure you have a sober driver.