Moment a pervert sparked a five-hour rooftop standoff | SWNS TV | SWNS TV

  • 5 years ago
A judge has praised paedophile hunters for snaring a pervert - despite controversy raging following the death of a man who killed himself after being “exposed” online. Paul Farrell, 31, sparked a five-hour rooftop standoff after being confronted by Catching Online Predators as part of a sting operation which was live-streamed on Facebook. He was handed a suspended jail term on Monday but Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC lauded “the great service” provided by the so-called paedophile hunters. He said: "These groups are doing, as long as they stay within the law, a great service and they are out there, and the police, watching and waiting for people like you." But his praise comes amid concerns raised the groups are hindering justice following the death of Michael Duff who killed himself after he was filmed by online paedophile hunters.

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