Watch: Flash floods wash away a herd of cattle crossing a bridge in Chhattisgarh
  • 6 years ago
A flash flood washed away part of a large herd of 50 cattle. The incident occurred at Belthara village in Bilaspur district of Chattisgarh, India, on September 1. The herd was crossing a bridge built across Arpa river when the water level started raising suddenly. As the water rose, the scared herd huddled together. Villagers made noise and tried to make the herd cross the bridge. Local villagers managed to save some animals but many struggled to swim to the shore. Later on, officials released water from the Kori dam which triggered the flood that swept away the herd.

Eyewitness Kishore Thakur, 32, said: "At least 25 animals - nearly half of the herd - perished in the tragedy." Villagers said officials released water from the nearby Kori dam triggering the flood that swept away the herd in a matter of minutes. "There was absolutely no warning from anyone that the dam gates were being opened. The government has to compensate the farmers who have lost the animals," said Thakur.