Chicago Teacher Helps Former Student Attend Job Fair by Minding Infant Daughter

  • 6 years ago
A teacher in Chicago, Illinois, proved that educators are always on hand to help their students when she gave up her morning to help a former pupil attend a job fair.LaShonda Carter shared a Facebook Live on August 22, explaining that she was sitting in a car looking after 18-year-old Larresha Plummer’s five-week-old daughter while Plummer attended the job fair. Carter used her Facebook Live to ask people to donate items for the baby to help the teen mom, asking for milk and clothing items. Carter also set up a Go Fund Me page for the mother and daughter, which had $1,485 raised out of a $500 goal at the time of writing.Local media also shared that Plummer was offered a job as a direct result of the fair she was able to attend with Carter’s help. Credit: LaShonda Carter via Storyful