Egg Roll Recipe: Easy Homemade Egg Rolls!

6 yıl önce
Egg rolls? Carry out? No way! Starry off grid kitchen will show you how to make easy egg rolls that are vegetarian flavorful!! with fresh ingredients and laying of many flavors, these egg rolls will be a hit with even MEAT eating men!!\r
Egg Roll Basics\r
Use 2 varieties..long or short grain white, brown, pink, black wiold, ect\r
Peppers (green red yellow..its ok if you onlyhave green dont freak out)\r
Carrots (fresh if possible)\r
Fresh Ground Cayenne pepper\r
Fresh Ground Dried Celery its ok if you dont have fresh ground!)\r
Garlic cloves (2)\r
Onion red or white\r
Soy Sauce\r
White Wine (optional)\r
Chinese Five Spice Seasoning\r
Chop all veggies and lightly stir fry\r
Then add cooked rice\r
add spices (five spice, soy sauce, cayenne and celery ,,,ect)\r
Now do your wraps\r
Then pan fry in coconut or olive oil!!\r
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