How To Cut Potatoes Like A Pro | Different Ways To Cut Potatoes | Basic Cooking

  • 8 years ago
After the massive response from the video of 'How To Cut Onions Like A Pro' The Bombay Chef Varun Inamdar is here to give you lessons on How To Cut Potatoes Like A Pro. This video is the result of public demand and requests from our dear viewers! Hope you enjoy watching this and master your skills of cutting potatoes ;)

- Potatoes
- Pealer
- A Sharp Knife
- Cutting Board
- Tissue Paper
- Water
- Crinkle Knife

- First thing first, peal the potatoes.
- Always have firm grip of potatoes and the pealer.
- Once pealed, immerse the potatoes in water.

Batons / French Fries

- Have firm grip and hold the potatoes horizontally.
- Slice the base and place the potato over it.
- Cut them at least a centimeter thick slice.
- Place the slices one over the other and cut them slowly having a firm grip over them.
- Cut the bases in the same way.


- Hold the potato side ways and run a knife at the center.
- Cut it again right at the center twice so as to get 8 wedges out of a potato.


- Rest the potato horizontally on the cutting board.
- As per the demand of the recipe, slice the potato having a firm grip over it.

Small Dices

- Rest the potato on the board and cut it in to batons.
- Run a knife vertically over the batons so as to get small dices of the potato.

Medium Dices

- Cut the potato in to thick strips.
- Run a knife over them so as to get medium dices.

Large Dices

- Slices away all the edges and cut the potato thickly so as to get large dices.

Crinkle Cut

- Hold the Crinkle knife at 90 degree at the top of the potato and push it downwards.
- Lay these slices and push the knife downwards.