#NBCFAIL: NBC spoils 2012 London Olympics for Team USA

  • 12 years ago
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#NBCFAIL has been a trending topic on Twitter and it's no surprise, because the NBC TV network has done a miserable job broadcasting the 2012 London Olympics.

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Women's gymnastics is the latest victim of NBC's poor coverage. The network decided to skim over the Russian gymnasts' routines to "build anticipation" for Team USA. All this did was leave viewers confused as to how Russia lost the gold in dramatic fashion to the US. Such mishaps resulted in angry viewers starting the Twitter hashtag #NBCFAIL.

Just last week NBC had to issue an apology after airing a promo that gave away the ending to a women's swimming event. Viewers were told Missy Franklin had won a gold medal in a promo before NBC aired footage of the actual event. FAIL!

One twitterer, journalist Guy Adams, found his account had been suspended after tweeting the email address of NBC's Olympics president. The suspension was quickly lifted but the damage to NBC's reputation was already done.