'Indiana Jones’' Short Round Actor Ke Huy Quan Opens Up About Why He Stepped Away From Acting For So Long

  • 25 days ago
In the scope of great child actor careers, it’s tough to beat Ke Huy Quan's, as he starred as a young sidekick to Indiana Jones in Steven Spielberg’s "Temple of Doom" in 1984, and also played Data in Richard Donner’s "The Goonies." However, after the ‘90s, the actor pretty much disappeared and retired from acting. With an exciting movie on the way again, the former Short Round has shared why he hasn’t pursued more roles over the years.

Ke Huy Quan played a role in his first movie in nearly 20 years just last year with Netflix’s "Finding ‘Ohana," which had some "Goonies" vibes and a lot of Keanu Reeves references. He’s now also set to star in A24’s adventure comedy "Everything Everywhere All At Once." Quan opened up about why he’s been greatly out of the Hollywood picture.