Bonus Track | Official Trailer | Starring Joe Anders and Samuel Small

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All socially awkward George cares about is music. When the charismatic Max joins his school, George realises that he’s the key to writing the perfect song. But George realises maybe the real prize isn’t winning the talent show... it’s Max. With a soundtrack of 2000s indie bangers, Bonus Track is a heartfelt coming-of-age film.​

Directed by Julia Jackman​.

Writen by Josh O’Connor and Michael Gilbert​.

Starring Joe Anders​, Samuel Small, Jack Davenport, Alison Sudol, Ciara Southwood, Elle McCloskey, Susan Wokoma, Ray Pathanki, Ellie Kendrick, Josh Cowdery, Nina Wadia and Josh O’Connor.

A Sky Original Film, coming to Sky Cinema June 1.

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