Pembroke Dock pupils learn aboard Bessie Ellen at Hobbs Point

  • last month
Recently, pupils from Pembroke Dock Community School joined the Tall Ships Wales Trust and the Dragon LNG Darwin Experience aboard the tall ship, Bessie Ellen, for a round robin of nautical inspired sessions linked to the senses.
The intrepid learners were encouraged to unlock their senses as they were taken on a scent tour of the ship by award-winning perfumer Sarah McCartney from 4160 Tuesdays London. They then used the inspiration to create their own scented postcards using her scent kits. 
Paula and Esme from Tall Ships Wales Trust taught the pupils how to distinguish between different nautical knots before putting their knot tying skills to the test. 
Sam from the Dragon LNG Darwin Experience added to the sensory experience with samples of seaweed for the pupils to smell, feel and identify.  10 different types of snacks containing seaweed were sampled and given a score according to their tastiness. The children smelt cosmetics containing seaweed and finally examined plankton samples from the Milford Haven waterway using stereomicroscopes.