Couple return from honeymoon to find pranksters trashed their house

  • 2 months ago
A couple embroiled in a prank war with relatives returned from their honeymoon to discover their home in tatters.

Brooke Rentsch, 21 and her husband, Duncan, 21, a butcher, got back from their relaxing two week break in Bali to find their house turned upside down.

They soon found out that Duncan's brother, Cooper, 17, and his cousins had let them themselves into their home and wrapped their Mazda CX5 car in cling film.

Their light switches and door handles were covered in Vaseline and their pillowcases were full of cheese popcorn.

The culprits had even sticky-note-bombed their walls, streaked toiler paper all over the house, cling-filmed their fridge and left cups of water all over the two bathroom floors.