Dallas Mavericks beat the Minnesota Timberwolves In Game 3, 116-107 | Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving Both Drop 33 Pts

  • 2 months ago
The Dallas Mavericks (3-0) hosted the Minnesota Timberwolves (0-3) on Sunday night for game three at American Airlines Center. The Mavs came into this game up 2-0 in the series and are looking to sweep the Timberwolves after taking a 3-0 lead in the series 116-107.

Dallas started the game off knocking down three three-pointers. They took the lead early and held that lead the entire first half.

Dereck Lively Jr. took a big hit from Karl Anthony-Towns knee to the back of the head. He was down on the court for a good three to four minutes before getting to his feet and heading back to the locker room. He looked very woozy when getting up and did not return for the remainder of the game. He was ruled out for a neck sprain. Following the win Luka doncic was asked about the injury and how the team bounces back from one and he said, “Injuries suck but they are a part of sports. Unfortunately it’s the next man up.”

Dallas took a 60-52 lead into the half. Their largest lead in the first half was 12 points.

They shot 47 percent from beyond the arc, knocking down 10 three’s in the first half. 53 percent from the floor and 18-of-19 from the free throw line. The Mavs were led by Luka Doncic who had 15 points at the half, Kyrie Irving was shortly behind with 14 points.

The loss of Lively really started to show in the third quarter. The Timberwolves started to win the rebound battle and Minnesota took their second lead of the game going ahead by two.

The loss of Lively was noticeable down low but Doncic and Irving were not going to let that stop them. Everyone talks about “fourth quarter kyrie” and it definitely showed tonight.

“How many points did he have in the fourth quarter?” Doncic asked the media after the game. “It felt like 20. He was born for these situations.”

Kyrie Irving finished the night with 33 points, three rebounds, four assists.

Luka Doncic finished the night with 33 points, seven rebounds, and five assists.

Both players combined for 66 points for Dallas. These two players are consistently scoring 50+ points per game in this series. This is the third time in the playoffs that both Doncic and Irving have scored 30+ points each.

“He’s patient. He’s calm. He loves Dallas. He loves this group. He mentors the other guy.” Head Coach Jason Kidd on why there is a debate that Doncic and Irving are the best backcourt in the league and why he thinks it works. Coach said that both are extremely good players but they know when to lean on each other in certain situations to get the job done.

Dallas will look to sweep the Timberwolves on Tuesday at home in American Airlines Center. Tip off is at 7:30.