After Anne Hathaway Said She Was Forced To Make Out With A Whole Bunch Of Dudes While Auditioning In Hollywood, Her Casting Directors Are Denying It Was Them

  • 2 months ago
In a shocking revelation, Anne Hathaway disclosed that during the early years of her Hollywood career, she was required to make out with multiple men during a single audition to test on-screen chemistry. This confession has sparked widespread speculation about which film or project might have required such auditions. However, several casting directors associated with the Oscar-winning "Les Miserables" performer’s major projects have stepped forward to clarify that these practices did not occur under their watch.

Hathaway, known for her roles in several of the best romantic comedies from the 2000s, has been at the center of discussions about potentially unethical audition practices. Yet, representatives from these films, including Donna Morong, the casting director for a Disney movie we don’t talk about enough, the 2001 hit "The Princess Diaries," have strongly refuted these claims. According to TMZ’s reporting, Morong denied such practices were a part of the auditions she oversaw, but also that said behaviors were contrary to the norms of the projects she worked on, especially considering the family-friendly nature of "Diaries" films.