How To Navigate Toxic People

  • 15 days ago
How To Navigate , Toxic People.
Unfortunately, many of us have people in our lives who have toxic personality traits.
Maybe they poke fun at the way
you look, are manipulative or just
blind to anyone's boundaries.
You don't have to put up with
toxic behavior. Here's how to
recognize and navigate toxicity in your life.
How to Spot Toxicity.
Experts say there are two types of toxic people.
The first is aggressively toxic, tending to
be physically and mentally abusive.
The other kind is consumed
with disrespect and negativity
in their own life, making them
difficult to be around.
Like an active alcoholic who just wants to sit and complain about how terrible their life is, but they refuse to accept any help. , Dr. Chloe Carmichael, psychologist and author, via 'Newsweek'.
How To Deal.
Experts say dealing with toxic
people is a challenge because
when they trigger your emotions, .
you're not only coping with the
present situation but memories
of previous altercations as well.
Set Boundaries.
Protect yourself from toxicity.
Know yourself well.
Experts say self-understanding can empower you to recognize when someone is being manipulative or insulting.
This self-knowledge includes your morals, values and a keen awareness of your triggers. , Dr. Chloe Carmichael, psychologist and author, via 'Newsweek'