Diddy Breaks Silence Following Release of Assault Footage, Zac Brown Files Restraining Order from Estranged Wife, Chairman of Nordstrom Inc. Bruce Nordstrom Dead at 90

  • 17 days ago
Diddy breaks silence over 2016 video assaulting ex girlfriend Cassie Ventura. Combs took to Instagram to share his apology, expressing 'disgust' and taking 'full responsibility' for his actions. The abuse seen in the video released by CNN matches allegations made by Ventura in a lawsuit against Combs that has since been settled. The rapper has been the center of multiple sexual assault lawsuits since November, but has publicly denied all allegations until this point. Zac Brown granted restraining order from estranged wife Kelly Yazdi over 'defamatory' Instagram post. The country singer claims that Yazdi violated an agreement of confidentiality the two had shared. Yazdi has since responded to the suit on social media, claiming that the the posts in question, which contained personal poems, did not divulge any private information. She also stated, 'it is clearly Zac, not me, who has strategically chosen to drag our difficult divorce negotiations into the public eye with these tactics in an effort to portray himself as a victim and to use his vast resources to silence me from telling the truth about our marriage.' The original posts in question have since been removed. Former Nordstrom Inc. chairman Bruce Nordstrom dies at 90, Nordstrom served the company for nearly four decades before his passing, helping the family business grow into the popular brand shoppers know today. In his leadership, Bruce focused on fostering a friendly and comfortable environment for all customers. Co-founded by his grandfather, Nordstrom Inc. has cemented itself as one of today's most popular retail chains through the family's dedication towards the company. In today's birthday news: Cher turns 78, The Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin 66, actor Tony Goldwyn 64, actress Mindy Cohn 58, actor Timothy Olyphant 56, and rapper Busta Rhymes 52.