AI needs blockchain technology to become more secure and democratic, analyst says | Future Focus

  • 18 days ago
In this week's episode of Yahoo Finance Future Focus, our host Brian McGleenon spoke to Outlier Ventures Research Lead Jasper De Maere who underscored the need for integrating blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI) applications to tackle prevalent issues of security, privacy, and centralisation. De Maere pointed out the vulnerabilities in the current state of the internet (web2), particularly concerning data privacy and security practices within AI. He advocated for the synergistic potential of combining blockchain and AI, envisioning a future internet in a better state. De Maere also delved into the challenges posed by AI-generated art and its impact on intellectual property (IP) rights. To address this, he proposed the use of blockchain as a transparent and immutable database for storing IP information, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of AI-generated content. Moreover, De Maere highlighted the role of blockchain in democratizing access to AI tools by decentralizing storage infrastructure, fostering equitable value extraction from data.