Hamas Trying To Set Up A Secret Base In Turkey? | IDF Claims Capturing Hamas Secret Document

  • 22 days ago
Hamas has been planning to establish a covert base in Turkey and other terror cells to coordinate attacks against Israeli targets, including NATO members, according to a document captured by the IDF in Gaza, reported by The Times. The document, found in the home of a key Hamas leader’s chief of staff, outlines a strategy to create secret bases to bolster resistance forces and conduct intelligence and military operations. The plan includes targeted assassinations, sabotage of Israeli naval vessels, and kidnappings. The Turkish government, supportive of Hamas, labels it a "liberation group." President Erdogan has harshly criticised Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating his methods would make "Hitler jealous." Erdogan also announced that over 1,000 Hamas members are being treated in Turkish hospitals and expressed disappointment over Greece’s stance that Hamas is a terrorist organisation. Despite public support, Erdogan denies that Hamas conducts terrorist operations from Turkey.

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