Dart pierces man's finger - after he challenges pal to hit board behind his hand

  • 22 days ago
This is the toe-curling moment a dart pierced through a man's finger - after he challenged his pal to land one in the gaps around his hand.

Sam Mclean ,18, and his friends were messing around while playing darts at Sam's house.

Sam decided to place his right hand on the dartboard and challenged his mate, Tom, 18, to hit in between his fingers.

Tom's first two attempts missed - but his third went straight through and hit the bone and fell out.

Sam put some sanitiser in the wound to make sure it wouldn't be infected and the wound needed no further treatment.

Sam, who works at a café, from Gerringong, New South Wales, Australia, said: "We were just messing around and I put my hand on the board.

"It hurt a bit but it was all a bit of fun - Tom felt really bad.

"It was really funny. I'm just happy they got it on video."

"I definitely won't be doing that again and I have learned my lesson."

Tom added: "I felt really bad in the moment but looking back it has to be one of the funniest moments we have had in a while."