Boeing Faces Potential Criminal Charges Following String of Incidents

  • last month
Boeing Faces, Potential Criminal Charges , Following String of Incidents.
'The Independent' reports that federal officials have
issued a warning to Boeing regarding possible criminal charges due to the airliner's failure to improve safety. .
The government-issued warning comes after
a series of incidents, including two 737 Max
jet crashes within a five-month span. .
One crash occurred in Indonesia in
2018 and another took place in Ethiopia in 2019.
A total of 346 people were
killed in the two crashes.
Following those two crashes,
Boeing agreed to pay $2.5 billion and
make a number of safety improvements.
Feds now accuse Boeing of violating that deal and
claim the company could face further prosecution
following a series of incidents in recent months.
In January, an Alaska Airlines Boeing
737 MAX 9 had a door plug
blow off mid-flight. .
That incident resulted in the FAA
ordering all 171 MAX 9 jets be grounded
while the agency investigated the incident. .
For failing to fulfill completely the terms
of and obligations under the [deferred
prosecution agreement], Boeing is subject
to prosecution by the United States for
any federal criminal violation of which
the United States has knowledge, Department of Justice lawyers
letter to a federal judge, via 'The Independent'.
'The Independent' reports that a number of whistleblowers
have accused Boeing of cutting corners when it comes to
quality and expertise in exchange for short-term profit.