Two Eco-Friendly Beauty Buys

  • 2 months ago
Head & Shoulders BARE at Target is a new kind of anti-dandruff shampoo, made with only nine ingredients. It's sulfate and dye-free giving you effective dandruff protection with the bare minimum. And no matter your hair type this shampoo fights against dandruff with two different formulas. BARE Pure Clean has a light coconut scent and is best for those with oily hair and scalp while BARE Soothing Hydration with orchid and aloe scent is best for dry hair and scalp. It's made with clinically proved dandruff-fighting ingredient Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) which goes deep to fight dandruff at the source. If you use it regularly flakes and itch are reduced, and scalp moisture improves. Plus, if you are challenging yourself this Earth Month to incorporate less plastic into your everyday routine, BARE is packaged in a lightweight, rollable Ecobottle that uses 45% less plastic per mL vs. Head & Shoulders 370 mL bottle, allowing you to squeeze and roll up until the last drop. The bottle and cap are also fully recyclable. Next up, Osāna Naturals Vanilla + Coconut Body Wash and Lotion at Walmart . This is a vacation in a bottle, an amazing self-care range not only looks beautiful in your bathroom, but is dermatologically tested, pH balanced and gentle on skin. It is also free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and is certified cruelty-free. Turn your routine into ritual with this naturally derived body care, enhanced with pure botanical extracts and functional mood-boosting fragrances to elevate your everyday. The Vanilla + Coconut soothes skin and helps you unwind with top notes of Coconut and Cotton and base notes of Vanilla and Cream. Their product packaging is recyclable and under $8.