Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Announcement Trailer (2024)
  • 2 months ago
A first look at Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is here! Embark on a magical adventure in Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed – an enhanced remake of the 2010 classic!

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is a faithful remake of the beloved classic adventure, is being developed by Purple Lamp in collaboration with Disney Games. The development team was assisted in the remaster by Warren Spector, director of the original Disney Epic Mickey. In this classic action-adventure game, players will send Mickey Mouse, armed with a magical paintbrush, on an epic creative journey to brave the dangerous world of Wasteland. Through exciting levels inspired by classic Disney stories, players will paint their path and face a variety of challenges along the way. Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is scheduled for release across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2024.

“I’ve received more heartfelt fan mail from players of all ages about Disney Epic Mickey than any other project I’ve worked on – a true indicator of the timelessness of this game,” said Warren Spector, director of the original Disney Epic Mickey. “That my team and I contributed to that legacy is truly an honor and I’m delighted that old fans and new will get to enjoy the adventures of Mickey and Oswald in Wasteland once again.”

“Having been part of this from the earliest beginnings of the creative idea, all those years ago, I can’t wait to see new players discover this enduring classic on modern consoles,” said Luigi Priore, V.P. of Disney, Pixar and 20th Century Games. “We are excited that fans of the original will also get to relive their own experiences wielding the paintbrush and thinner once again.”

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Features:

Explore a reimagined Wasteland, full of Disney’s timeless characters and stories.
Wield the magic brush: Paint to create, thinner to alter. Every choice shapes your story.
Meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Disney's original star, in a rich, narrative-driven world.
Enjoy advanced gameplay with new abilities and enhanced visuals in a classic setting.
Mickey has new moves such as dash, ground pound and sprinting.
High replayability with multiple endings based on your unique playstyle and decisions.

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