Inside Tan France’s Dream Salt Lake City Home
  • 2 months ago
Today Architectural Digest is welcomed by Tan and Rob France to tour their new home in Salt Lake City. Wanting a forever home for their growing family, the Queer Eye star and his husband bought a plot of land and spent the next three years building their dream house from the ground up. With the help of The Fox Group, Tan and Rob built a grand Tudor-style home bringing together a blend of South Asian, English, and American interior touches. The design of their home was the project of a lifetime for the Next in Fashion host, and it was Tan’s own background as a stylist and designer that helped bring the couple’s dreams to life. “I treated this house like a collection,” France says. “If you’ve ever been to a runway show, it should tell a story. I wanted the top of the house to be like the opening look of a runway, and I wanted the final look to be shocking as the showstopper.”See more of Tan and Rob's dream home here