Rainbow Girl To Kim Kardashian - I Don’t Hate it | TRANSFORMED
  • 2 months ago
XENO, 25, from Brisbane, Australia, describes her vibrant and eye-catching style as 'Rainbow Decora'. Her look is full of decoration, with vibrant colours, and it's something that she was immediately drawn to. Xeno told Transformed: "The main points of my look that makes it rainbow is obviously the colour, lots of colours everywhere! The mixture, the backgrounds, the contrast. It's my happy place." Xeno gets a lot of attention due to her style, but sadly not all of the public reactions have been positive. She said: "The worst judgement I've ever received for dressing the way I do was, when I was younger I would get followed around, I would get yelled at in the street, I've even had kids throw things at me. They make me feel discouraged and sad, but they never stop me from wanting to dress the way I want to." Today, with the help of makeup artist Mell, Xeno will be transforming into her mom's most hated look... 'Kardashian Glamorous!' Xeno says that her mom Pip, hates all mainstream glam looks, especially anything reality TV related. How will Xeno's mom react to this transformation? Will she be horrified with Xeno's new look or will she be pleasantly surprised by what she sees?

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