Teardown Mod Pack 1 Update Gameplay Preview (2024)
  • 2 months ago
Teardown The Mod Pack 1 update has just dropped on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5! Packed with fresh tools, maps, and spawnables. Let's get tearing and embrace the fun!

Mod Pack 1 updated with this 11 new mods:

1. Quilez manipulator by Thomasims
2. Lightning Ball by Deffcolony and Dzage
3. High Tech Drone by My Cresta
4. GLARE by KBD2
5. TeaREX by tislericsm
6. Mr.Randoms Vehicles by Mr.Random
7. Destructible robots by DimasVoxel
8. Cliff House by gusono
9. Inverted Pyramid House by gusono
10. Miniature World v1.1 by Spencer Johnson
11. French Town by OzJackaroo

Official site https://teardowngame.com/

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