Oh No! Letter E Is Missing *Cool Crafts And DIY Gadgets From Alphabet Lore*

  • 4 months ago
No No, don’t flush these Alphabet Letters down the toilet! Look! Letter A made Letter E in the toilet using eggs! The letter J doesn't want to be a mermaid anymore! Now the Doctor will help her. Have you seen the new phone case for the letter E?! Crazy crafts from Alphabet Laura! Choose the best!Timestamps:0:00 Don't Flush Alphabet Lore0:34 DIY Alphabet Lore Phone Case1:09 Letter J Transformed Into Mermaid1:55 Barbie Face Necklace2:34  Balloon Eyes For Letter A3:00 DIY Hair Removal Fidget3:52 Alphabet Lore Wedding4:51 DIY Cardboard Fidget5:26  From Barbie To Letter F#alphabetlore #hacks #fidgets