Real Life 'Superhero' Wants To Be More Plastic | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
  • 4 months ago
FROM "Wonder Girl" on Venice Beach to real-life anime character, Leslie Luxx has transformed herself into the girl of her own dreams. Growing up as a massive anime fan, Leslie has always been envious of the female characters who are "very voluptuous and very beautiful". "Cosplay inspired me to get plastic surgery," Leslie said. "And I want to be big and curvy. If I could be the biggest, I would be the biggest." So far, the Instagram model has spent around $100,000 on procedures. "I feel very pressured to get plastic surgery because of the industry that I'm in," she added. "There's always a new look and somebody with more curves. I want to be like extremely pretty and I want to be extremely relevant." Leslie's obsession with getting bigger has raised concerns amongst her family and friends, especially her boyfriend, Michael. "I love Leslie's look because she changes every day almost. It's like having a new girl every day," he said. "I'm supportive of her fulfilling her goals. But on the other side, it's like a paradox."